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Sewing services from the company «NUI VERY».​


Company "Nui Very" provides service of garment producing of customer-owned raw materials, also we provide tailoring services according to your sample while we select and purchase fabrics and the necessary accessories.

Please note the advantages of placing orders for tailoring at the company NUI VERY:
1. Own production facilities (20,000 square meters);
2. High quality products:
   - Highly qualified specialists;

 - Quality seamstresses tailoring by a flow method;
   - Quality cutting fabrics with help of automated complexes company "Gerber", accurate to a millimeter;
   - Reducing the consumption of fabrics which a specialist who lays out your cutting fabric in the automated software provides;
3. Prompt execution of orders;
4. Low prices, which we are able to offer due to business processes optimization;
5. Flexibility and full adaptation to the customer's requirements.


Services of our company are sewing and manufacturing patterns to custom order, namely:
- Making patterns and manufacturing of any range that sewn in light industry;
- Women's and men's clothing of any level;
- Coat of cashmere fabrics;
- Coats, jackets, cloaks of raincoat fabrics with an insulation (sintepon and down);
- Range of men suits by Voronin’s technology;
- Overalls (of any level and any complication);
- Uniforms of different ministries and departments (Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Emergency Situations,  Ministry of Transport etc);
- Uniforms and corporate promotional clothing;
- Military uniform;
- Stylized military clothing;

- Camouflage clothes (for fishing and hunting, for security structures and tourism);
- Clothing for road works;
- Medical clothing;
- Manufacturing of all kinds of home textiles, coverings, pillows, blankets, bath towels and bathrobes, bed and table linen;
- Manufacturing of various fabric products: bags, curtains, protection covers, oven-gloves etc.


There everything that can be sewed is available for you at our factory.
Terms of cooperation and prices are individual as each customer and his order, thus are discussed individually in each case. No doubt, we can agree and become mutually beneficial to each other.
We implement your plans!

Cooperation with the company «Nui Very» is your success!


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our manager:

mob.:+38 093-347-5-777

e-mail: gost.com@very.ua.

Hotline: +38 093 777 88 81